Why Schedule an Oil Change?

The make, model, and year of automobile you drive doesn’t matter. Your vehicle depends on an oil change to keep it efficiently operating. Oil lubricates the engine and the many components that surround the engine. Over time, the oil breaks down and turns to sludge which causes parts to rub together, break, and otherwise damage the motor. When you change the oil is recommended, that worry is gone. Your car depends on fresh oil to keep it operating its best. Make sure you give it what it needs.

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend the oil be changed every 3000 miles but some of the newer cars can certainly surpass this mileage. Some of the synthetic oils that are out there allow you to drive the car for up to 7000 miles between changes. Refer to the owner manual accompanying your vehicle to learn the exact timeframe for your oil change and follow that schedule. Although changing the oil is a task you can do yourself, you’re far better taking it to the auto shop sterling va. There are pros there ready to change the oil in your car!

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Auto repair technicians make the oil change an even simpler, faster job than you’d complete the work. It takes very little time to change the oil. In fact, they may be able to complete the job while you’re on your lunch break at work! They have the time, but also have the tools, the expertise, and the know-how to efficiently change the oil and keep your vehicle operating smoothly for a long time ahead. Plus, they can dispose of the old oil and the filter which can cost you a pretty penny to do yourself. The costs are about the same so why not leave this job to the pros who know?