Which Is Better – Collision Repairs Or Scrapping

It will, of course, depend on the state and condition of your auto. And it is not a nice thing to be saying at this point because perhaps you are in no condition to view the wreckage of your car as a result of a truly terrible road accident. Someone else will have done so on your behalf, and what a pity to haul the old jalopy away for good. Yes, well, all good things must come to an end, afraid to say.

quality collision car repairs

But sometimes, the good story can be never-ending. After a pretty nasty road accident, quality collision car repairs and restorations can and should still be carried out. A quality motor mechanic and artisan should be given an opportunity to have a good, close look at the wreckage. Assuming that after an accident, you are still in a good condition to shape up, think clearly and ship out, you should immediately adopt a hands-off policy in regard to the removal of your damaged car from the scene of the accident.

Other than removing the car and all fallen debris from the road and out of the way of ongoing traffic, of course. The traffic authorities should assist you in this regard. And give the bespoke mechanic and artisan more than enough time to reach the accident scene and tow your damaged car to his workshop. You will notice that this gentleman and his crew are being labelled artisans. Because that is just what they are.

Apart from expressing a little engineering genius and ingenuity, great pride is taken in restoring an old car or damaged car to a condition it once enjoyed as ‘as new’ or ‘straight out of the box’, new colors, quality and all.